Parking Lot Maintenance Repair

Parking lot maintenance isnt just noticed by business owners and contractors. Its an aesthetic element that patrons and property managers alike will take note of. In order to effectively maintain or repair your asphalt or concrete, one of our skilled professionals can develop a pavement maintenance plan based on the specific needs of the space. We do all types of pavement repairs including asphalt patching, crack filling, pothole repair and sealcoating.

Asphalt Patching

Over time, asphalt parking surfaces need patching to keep them functioning and looking their best. Larsco specializes in asphalt patching in Akron and surrounding areas. Ohio weather breaks down asphalt, causing potholes, cracks, and settling. Patching is one of the most cost effective ways to repair your asphalt and maintain the safety of your lot.

Maintenance Prolongs Pavement Life

The main goal of pavement maintenance should always be to increase the life of the pavement. A maintenance plan that is really beneficial will include things like pothole repair, crack filling, seal coating, sweeping, periodic pavement repair, and many other surface applications.

Contact Us For Asphalt Repairs Today

Proper maintenance should be successful at improving the overall look of the pavement, slowing damaging water penetration, and protecting your investment in general. If you have further questions about asphalt repair and how we can extend the life of your pavement, call us today at 234.706.6070 or fill out our contact form.