Line Striping in Akron, OH

Any engineer will tell you, line striping will make or break a parking lot. Pavement marking (line striping) not only tells your customers where to park, but properly directs traffic flow to avoid accidents, confusion and frustrated visitors. We specialize in quality line striping in Akron, Ohio and surrounding areas.

Functional Efficient Pavement Marking

We have the know-how to serve many industries in the planning and execution of parking lot layout and pavement marking. A well-planned lot is often underestimated as a part of the entire experience with your business. Its about more than beautification, there are many benefits to a well planned lot.

  • ADA compliance
  • Property and brand enhancement
  • Efficient traffic flow
  • Efficient pedestrian flow
  • Clearly designated parking spots
  • Overall safety and security

ADA Compliant Parking

Our pavement marking is compliant as required by the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. We are skilled in various aspects of ADA Design, including the minimum number of accessible parking spaces, distance route from accessible entrance, removing barriers to proper access, and properly sized parking spaces for cars and van-accessible spaces.

The Best Line Stripers in the Business

Larsco Construction employs the best line stripers in the business. Educated on all the latest techniques, our pavement markers will finish your lot quickly, leaving no confusion or uncertainty for your customers and tenants.